Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Springs and Wells

I picked this name for my new blog from a recent insight that came to me... about the nature and balance of inspiration and discipline. During my yoga practice, I was reflecting on the way that on some days, and in certain postures, inspiration arises from the depths - and bursts forth into the light of day. Breaks through the crust on its own.

Other times, and other days, and in other poses, I have a feeling of having to do the digging myself... and go deep inside looking for water - and having faith that its there somewhere. I wrote more on this topic in a recent email to my yoga students (http://www.yogawithamey.com/yogathoughts.html)

So art is the same... With yoga, I have the love of the practice... I have the passion for the practice. I almost never miss a day, and I never miss a day without conscious consideration. But with art - somehow - I only enjoy it on the occassions that it rises to meet me. Otherwise, I feel strained, forced, wasteful, meaningless, empty. With yoga, I understand the practice on so many levels -- at its most base and shallow, it's still a good stretch. With art, I'm not sure what it is at its most base and shallow - self indulgent? regressive? detrimental?

Art and yoga both issue a call to honesty, so I wonder if I can allow the natural discipline that I have toward yoga to be a role model for my approach to art. And can I allow the natural call for honesty and earnestness in art to be a role model for my yoga practice? By the way, is it even discipline at this point, if it has become so natural? Maybe not, but then all I need to do is step up to the next rung on the ladder - discipline to remain conscious, honest, attentive, alert, compassionate while I practice, while I make art.